Recently, I had to send some sensitive files to a friend. Since I'm not keen on the idea for people other than me and my recipient to look at my files, I tried searching for a safe way to transfer them. In the end, I was recommended this service called pCloud Transfer. It is a simple system for securely transferring files between two parties. The problem is that for most such services, the files get temporarily stored in the "cloud" (e.g. on an untrusted party's disks), and on pCLoud Transfer I was assured that they would be unreadable to anyone who doesn't know the password. The cool part about all this, was that the service is free and requires no registration. I've been using it for a while and I'm happy with it, so I thought that maybe it would be helpful to those of you in the same situation I was in.

So my question is: do you look for safety, when you transfer files and if you do, which services do you use?